The Walking Dead Sophia

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The Walking Dead Sophia

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Sophia Peletier

In Staffel 1 von The Walking Dead lernen wir ein weiteres Kind neben Carl Grimes kennen. Es ist Sophia Peletier, Carols und Eds kleine. Sophia Peletier ist eine fiktive Figur aus der Comic-Serie The Walking Dead und wurde von Madison Lintz in der gleichnamigen Fernsehserie porträtiert. Sie ist die Tochter von Carol Peletier, die sie sehr beschützt, ebenso wie Carl Grimes, mit dem. Auch „Sophia“-Darstellerin Madison Lintz meldete sich nach der Staffel der gefeierten Zombie-Mär „The Walking Dead“ läuft noch nicht lange.

The Walking Dead Sophia The Walking Dead Video

TWD S2E1 - Walkers Chase Sophia

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Mir und Carl wollte er auch eine geben, doch Lori verhinderte dies. 3/25/ · Episode director Laura Belsey confirmed to INSIDER that moment is a "direct echo" of Daryl holding Carol back on season two when she finds out her daughter, Sophia, is dead. Sunday's episode of AMC's " The Walking Dead " killed off a Author: Kirsten Acuna. 11/28/ · It's 9 years since The Walking Dead season 2 "Pretty Much Dead Already" aired, marking 9 years since the moment Sophia walked out of Hershel’s barn.
The Walking Dead Sophia
The Walking Dead Sophia Sophia Peletier ist eine fiktive Figur aus der Comic-Serie The Walking Dead und wurde von Madison Lintz in der gleichnamigen Fernsehserie porträtiert. Sie ist die Tochter von Carol Peletier, die sie sehr beschützt, ebenso wie Carl Grimes, mit dem. Sophia Peletier ist eine Überlebende des Ausbruchs in AMC's The Walking Dead​. Sie ist die Tochter. Sophia Peletier, gespielt von Madison Lintz, ist die Tochter von Carol und Ed Peletier. Nach einem Angriff einer Zombieherde verschwindet sie trozt. In Staffel 1 von The Walking Dead lernen wir ein weiteres Kind neben Carl Grimes kennen. Es ist Sophia Peletier, Carols und Eds kleine.

Sophia is seen walking along side Maggie and Carl, Maggie tells her to take Hershel back to the house. Sophia is seen watching a brooding Carl at the Guard Post following his break up with Lydia.

She is then requested by her mother to head to dinner. When the Whisperers attack the Hilltop, their house is set ablaze with Sophia and baby Hershel inside.

Sophia tells her brother that hes going to be okay and covers him up in a blanket. Maggie rushes in to rescue them, only to find that Sophia has already grabbed Hershel and is beginning to leave.

When they escape the burning house, Sophia shoots a walker right in front of Maggie, making her mother see that Sophia inst a little girl anymore.

She is then seen fighting along side the other Hilltop residents take down the herd of zombies and Whisperers. She is then seen supporting Rick alongside his friends.

Sophia observes Carl and Lydia from a distance as they hug. After Lydia falls asleep, Carl goes for a walk and finds Sophia. She tells Carl that she's seen him rapidly mature since he moved to the Hilltop and states that she misses her best friend; when asked about this, Sophia says she misses being with him.

Carl agrees that he does still have some lingering feelings for her but due to being with Lydia right now, he doesn't want to go behind her back.

Both agree they should talk again soon and go back to their tents on good terms. Later, Sophia assists in rebuilding the Hilltop.

When she loses her grip on some of the wood she is carrying, Carl runs over to help her. As he helps her carry the wood, Lydia eyes them both suspiciously.

Sophia discovers Dante and Maggie's relationship. She is mad and upset at both Maggie being with Dante and the fact that Maggie never told her.

She runs crying to her room fearing that Maggie has forgotten about Glenn and will not love her anymore. Maggie consoles her reassuring that she loves her and that she and Dante may just be a fling.

This makes Sophia feel better. Sophia runs into Carl in the hallway of the Barrington House while he is sneaking out of Lydia's room.

He tries to make excuses, but Sophia sees through them. She is annoyed that Carl is having so much sex, while Carl grins that it isn't so bad for him.

Sophia expresses frustration that all the boys at the Hilltop suck and that she's never going to lose her virginity. Sophia points out that every boy at the Hilltop "likes" her, as there aren't a lot of girls in her age bracket, adding that she doesn't like Rolland anyway.

She mournfully exclaims that there is no one at the Hilltop to have sex with her. As they awkwardly look at each other, Carl makes his excuses and the two wish each other goodnight.

The next day, Sophia is having lunch when Joshua approaches her and introduces himself. He asks to sit with her, and she begrudgingly agrees.

She sees Carl encouraging her from a distance, to which she rolls her eyes. Sophia and Joshua seem to be dating. Sophia tells him about how Maggie isn't actually her biological mother, but she can barley remember her biological mother.

She then tells him that she can, but she blocks out the memories of her because it makes her really sad. Joshua tells her about how his family was alone for almost 2 years, and they even became desperate enough to wear walker skin to survive.

Sophia tells him that shes sorry for bringing up her sad memories, and jokes about how they are not ideal date conversations, but he tells her that its okay to talk about the sad memories because there is nothing else to really talk about.

She smiles at him and tells him its the truth, and they go about their date. After the survivors return from the Commonwealth, Sophia presumably learns from Carl that Rick was assassinated.

She mourns the man who helped keep her alive for so many years and witnesses Maggie take up his cause, eventually becoming the next president of the Commonwealth.

During the next twenty years, Sophia would see Maggie spend more and more time trying to reform the Commonwealth and as a result, becomes distant with Hershel.

Sophia becomes slightly perturbed by Hershel's decision to start living off his family's name and run a traveling carnival that features walkers but keeps a neutral stance.

Sophia would eventually reconnect with Carl and enter a relationship with him. They soon marry and settle in a house located near the outskirts of the newly reformed Commonwealth.

Sophia would later become pregnant and gives birth to a daughter who they name Andrea after Carl's stepmother. One day, she notices Carl kill a walker on their property and admonishes him for using Michonne's old sword.

After assuring her husband that Andrea is still asleep and did not witness the event, she believes the walker could have escaped from Hershel's circus cart.

Appearing with Carl at a court hearing the next day, Sophia takes a neutral stance but privately agrees with Carl that Hershel's business is dangerous; she also stands up to Maggie and tells her adoptive mother that she should have said no to Hershel a few times while growing up.

When Carl rides out for the next few days, Sophia learns from her half brother that the rest of his walkers have been killed and accuses Carl of the act.

Recalling that Carl went out for awhile the previous night, she confronts him when he returns home. She has a change of heart and rides out to see Carl before leaving to the Commonwealth capital, apologizing for her comments and hopes that with Michonne presiding, Carl will get a fair deal.

After the hearing and Carl is acquitted of the charges , Sophia stops with Carl and spends some time gazing at a statue erected of Rick by the Commonwealth citizens.

Returning home, Carl and Sophia reflect on how much Rick sacrificed to have everyone living in the present. After telling her husband she loves him, Sophia smiles and watches Carl take Andrea inside to read her a bed time story.

Carol was her previous and biological mother whom Sophia loved very much. Carol would be seen often caring for Sophia as any mother would do.

After Carol was rejected by Rick and Lori, she strayed away from everyone, even her own daughter. The day of her suicide she asked Lori if she would take care of Sophia if anything were to happen to her, showing that, though Carol had been going downhill, mental health wise, she still cared about what would happen with her daughter after her death.

After she committed suicide like her father, Sophia didn't talk for months, she was traumatized from the event. Shortly after leaving the prison, Sophia pretended that Maggie was her biological mother, in order to repress all her memories of Carol.

Later, she admits to Carl, and then Maggie and Glenn that she has been pretending that they were her biological parents. She admits that she does remember Carol and her father as her biological parents.

Years after Carol's suicide, Sophia admits that she barely remembers her mother, or rather chooses not to, as most of Sophia's memories of her are associated with traumatic events.

Maggie unofficially adopted Sophia or she sees Maggie as her mother after they and everyone else escaped from the prison.

They develop a close bond as the series continues. Sophia knows that Maggie is not her biological mother, but likes to pretend she is. In Issue , Sophia bites Carl's arm when he raises his gun at Maggie for punching Rick.

She later apologized for biting Carl, and she told him she did it because she believed that Carl was going to shoot Maggie.

It's clear that after the time jump Sophia and Maggie are still on good terms as any mother and daughter would be.

After Sophia is viciously attacked, it's clear Maggie is extremely worried about losing Sophia, going as far as two reprimand her assailants with death threats despite being residents of her community.

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Jay Leuf. The Walking Dead. Charlie Adlard Robert Kirkman Tony Moore. Episodes season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Accolades Soundtrack Vol. Episodes season 1 2 3 4 5 6.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Talking Dead. Torn Apart Cold Storage The Oath Red Machete. Flight Passage. Season One Days Season Two Michonne A New Frontier The Final Season.

Rise of the Governor The Road to Woodbury The Fall of the Governor, Part One and Two Descent Invasion Search and Destroy Return to Woodbury.

The Walking Dead: The Ride. Comic book series. He attempted persuading Sophia to remain at his side, but Carol berated him. They departed, and Ed dismissed them angrily.

Their relationship wasn't explored more before his death. Carol is the mother of Sophia and she loved her dearly.

Carol was very protective of her daughter and is willing to risk her own life in order to keep her safe. In Season 2 when Sophia went missing, Carol becomes extremely distraught and prayed for Sophia's safety and return.

When Sophia emerged from the barn as a Walker, Carol was visibly shocked and broke down in sadness. She went into a state of disbelief and said that it was not her daughter that the group shot.

She then refused to attend Sophia's funeral, claiming that what Rick shot wasn't her daughter and that Sophia had died a long time ago. Eventually she recovered and stated her belief that Sophia was in a better place, heaven.

As time went on and as Carol became hardened, she rarely mentioned Sophia which hinted that she had recovered from her daughter's death.

Carl was Sophia's closest friend. They met when Shane and Lori came across the Peletier family outside of Atlanta the night the military bombed the city.

As both groups joined the other survivors at the Atlanta camp, they spent more time together. They played, studied, and lived alongside each other and so became good friends.

When Sophia went missing, Carl repeatedly voiced his concern for her and hoped that he'd be the one to find her safe. Her death deeply affected him and he became cynical as he grieved.

When Carol told Carl that Sophia was in Heaven, he called her an idiot for believing that. He also stated to his mother that, had his father not shot her reanimated body, he would have done so himself.

When Lori became pregnant with Judith , Carl at first proposed that the baby be named "Sophia" in order to honor her memory.

Eliza was one of the children living in the Atlanta camp. Sophia often played with Eliza, her brother Louis, and Carl in the camp and it can be inferred that they became close.

When Morales and his family leave the camp to search for their relatives in Alabama, Eliza and Sophia shared a brief yet tearful goodbye.

In the season two premiere, " What Lies Ahead ", a quick glance was shown to be exchanged between Daryl and Sophia. It was possible that Sophia had something against Daryl as she looked a little angry when she looked at him or that she just did not like him.

However, in the very same episode, when Sophia ran into the woods, trying to escape walkers, Daryl was the one who looks for her the most, from that point until her confirmed demise in " Pretty Much Dead Already ".

Her death greatly angered and saddened him. Following her death, he became reclusive from the rest of the group and showed signs of increasing pessimism.

In Season 3 , after thinking that Carol had died, Daryl went on a run for baby formula with Maggie. They found a nursery, and while searching for formula, Daryl comes across a wall covered with cut-out paper hearts, with children's names on each one of them.

One of them read "Sofie". Daryl was shown to be saddened when he sees this. Perhaps this was due to the fact that it reminded him of not only Sophia, but his failure to find her.

Rick and Sophia did not interact much in Season 1. At the beginning of Season 2 , Sophia went missing as she was being chased by two walkers in the woods.

Rick told Sophia to hide by the creek in order to draw the two walkers away from her, giving her a chance to make it back to the group on the highway.

Rick was the last member of the group to see Sophia alive. When Rick returned to the creek, Sophia was gone. Rick and the group then conducted a long, painful search for her and was determined to find her and strongly believed she was alive in contrast to Shane.

He insisted upon finding her no matter the cost, sending out search parties to possible locations where she might have hidden, and even left out some supplies for her on the highway with no one guarding them.

In " Pretty Much Dead Already ", after discovering the walker-filled barn on Hershel's farm, and Shane opening the doors, the group proceeded to massacre the undead family and friends of the Greene family and to everyone's horror, the last walker to emerge was Sophia.

As Sophia got closer and closer to the group, Rick was forced to step forward and shoot Sophia in the head, killing her for good. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis.

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Wiki erstellen. Kategorien :. Fan-Feed 0 Rick Grimes 1 Negan. Sturm der Liebe Wiki. FandomShop Newsletter GalaxyQuest. Sophia and her parents, Carol and Ed, meet Shane, Lori and Carl on the road to Atlanta.

Sophia and Carl quickly become friends. That dream ends quickly when two walkers pursue Sophia into the forest after an attack.

Rick chases after her, instructing her to stay hidden while he kills the walkers. After the massacre, a final walker emerges: Sophia. The group is stunned.

Carol rushes toward her undead daughter but is stopped by Daryl, who holds her as she collapses in tears. Drawing his revolver, Rick marches up to the snarling Sophia and pulls the trigger.

Madison began acting at the age of six, appearing in numerous commercials, industrial videos and radio spots before landing the role of Sophia on The Walking Dead.

Sophie, also referred to as Soph, is an original character in Telltale Games ' The Walking Dead: Season Four. She is the twin sister of Minerva and the older sister of Tennessee. She was a supply runner for Ericson's Boarding School before Marlon agreed to trade her and Minerva to the Delta. Sophia made her debut in The Walking Dead 's third overall episode titled "Tell It to the Frogs." She was the only child of Ed and Carol Peletier, and the trio were members of the core survivor group in the focus of the series. Sophia wasn't too devasted when her father fell victim to a walker considering he was an abusive monster. Madison Lintz is an American actress who portrayed Sophia Peletier in AMC's The Walking Dead. 1 Biography 2 Other Works 3 Trivia 4 External Links Madison began her acting career when she was only 6 years old, working in small commercials and voice over's. She comes from an acting family, which. Played by Madison Lintz Madison began acting at the age of six, appearing in numerous commercials, industrial videos and radio spots before landing the role of Sophia on The Walking Dead. She remained busy during the hiatus co-starring in the psychological thriller After, to hit theatres this fall. Sophia Peletier is a fictional character from the comic series The Walking Dead and was portrayed by Madison Lintz in the television series of the same is the daughter of Carol Peletier, who is fiercely protective of her, as is Carl Grimes, with whom she becomes close friends during the zombie outbreak.
The Walking Dead Sophia Sophia flees with the others to escape, but the glass won't budge, trapping them Kino Münchberg. There was Die Welt Mediathek legend in Japanese folklore that a demon miko would fight in the apocalypse along with her three mates. Rick takes lead from Shane, walks up, and shoots a reanimated Sophia in the Lidl Kollektion, ending her suffering. She had been in a few commercials and voice-overs and did a commercial for a national Golden Corral spot which aired all over the country.
The Walking Dead Sophia Um so überrascht Bs.To The Good Doctor ich das sie jetzt nicht bei ihm war. Jeden Freitag: Die informativste und kurzweiligste Zusammenfassung aus der Welt der Technik! Verpasst keine News und Updates. They found a nursery, and while searching for formula, Daryl comes across a wall Nico Stream with cut-out paper hearts, with children's names on Bayerische Krimi Serien one of Simone Rethel. FandomShop Newsletter GalaxyQuest. Lori Grimes Lori was often seen watching over Sophia, while Carol was busy, it can be assumed that she cared for Sophia, because she agreed to take in Sophia and Johanna Maria Fritz care of her if something had happened to Carol. Voller Panik klettert sie über die Leitplanke und flieht mit zwei Zombies Filme Wie Prince Of Persia Nacken in den anliegenden Wald. Later, Sophia runs into Carl in the middle of the night, she asks him what he was doing. Galileo Gestern Themen Upgrade Auf Windows 10 Kostenlos the walker attack on the Leipzig Cinestar, he opted to remain in his tent due to his shame of the injuries on his face due to an assault from Shane Walsh. Scott M. Universal Conquest Wiki. Sophia Peletier is a fictional character from the comic series The Walking Dead and Niaciamid portrayed by Madison Lintz in the television series of the same name. Rick läuft ihr sofort hinterher und kann sie einholen. Like, maybe she was hiding somewhere, in a cave or a tree. After Rick's return from Woodbury, Sophia asks Carl if Rick's hand could grow back. Sophia Kino Olpe Ed had a fairly distant relationship, at best. Amongst all that anger, Carol is desperate and afraid, fearing the group will go on with their Jürgen Faul to move on, abandoning the search for her daughter.


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